25 August 2011

4 street style

yesterday i was stopped on the street by a woman who had run three blocks to catch me. she had done so to inform me that my outfit was totally rocking but what i really needed to do was to sew a denim cuff to the top of my socks and pull it over my boots. that would "take it to the edge."

this is weird, right? to receive sartorial advice from people on the street?

nothing about my dress sense has changed except for a redying of the red hair and two pair of provocative boots i bought last year and have busted out again. so it's funny that this has happened four times in the last two weeks.

i tell my mother about it and, over the crackling of the line, she makes it all make sense. well, they think you're ashlee simpson. so obviously they'd want you to look your best.


Linda said...


Anonymous said...

I oft-times wonder how I, too, can 'take it to the edge.' I mean, you would not believe the amount of time I spend each day on that very topic. It is nice that your fellow Chicagoans are helping you in that endeavor.

Linda said...

PS... I see a little drawn picture in the tab of this blog. what it is?

Katie I said...

I cannot wait to meet your mother!