31 August 2011

4 on this date, a zillion years ago

in the dead of an august night when we sat huddled before cnn on the telephone waiting for princess diana to die, partner whispered, "imagine the magazines!" a sentiment i had feverishly entertained myself but not voiced, and would, thus, subsequently tease her about for years and years.

that night could have gone either way. we could just as easily have been building a memory about that one time we stayed up way past our bedtimes and diana broke her arm. but, because this was after jackie had died, we both of us had a heightened awareness of any moment in which we might possibly be "living history."

for this reason, when my mother came into my bedroom and said something had happened to the princess of wales, i made a point of remembering which book i had been placing back on the bookshelf that i had been rearranging (because on saturday nights in 1997, rearranging bookshelves was how young oline had her fun). and so, to this day when i think of diana dying, i remember partner's gasp down the telephone line when her death was announced and beverly hills 90210: no secrets by mel gilden.


Linda said...

1. I am so happy to young oline had the comedic foresight to pick and remember such an awesome book title.

2. Oh, the Lady Di fashions. can you just imagine the lovely things she would be wearing if she were still alive??

oline said...

they were literally episodes of 90210 rewritten as books. and i was obsessed with them so much so that they were stationed on my bookshelf in the place of honor alongside my autographed picture of miss tennessee.

and do we really think di would have lovely Fashions today? i never thought she had the greatest taste...

oline said...

(i feel that may've been a borderline blasphemous thing to state publicly.)

The Whiffer said...

i was in my aunt's house in NY and remember wondering why she was so upset, thinking it was as sad as anyone we didn't know dying. Now THAT's blasphemous! (but not really where I come from)
Loved Beverly Hills though.