26 August 2011

0 oh, the places you'll go

my mum is amazing me right now. because, seemingly out of nowhere, in the last three months, a woman to whom i could once barely even broach the issues of healthcare, inner city poverty and non-christian faiths has become deeply entrenched in the somalian refugee community of memphis.

she's had her hands hennaed. she's taken hibo to the doctor for a uti and seen how it takes three solid weeks for hibo to get the medicine to cure it. tonight, she is going into the depths of memphis' most impoverished neighborhood for laylat al-qadr.

hearing this, i think, oh my god. she starting to get it. finally.

i am deciding whether to go to haiti.

yeah, where did that come from? my thoughts exactly.

i say i'm deciding because i go back and forth every day. it's easy to do that when you don't know what you're doing. when you can feel, but you cannot see. but then- and here's what i keep trying to remember- it's usually under those circumstances that the biggest adventures begin.

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