18 August 2011

5 is this the tackiest thing ever?

when this came over the transom from k.clen, my impulse was to say yes, this is undoubtedly the tackiest thing ever. but then there's a part of me that thinks it's kind of awesome and that the squishy faces really do capture the essence. then again, i like THIS. and THIS. and i want to own THIS. so i'm maybe not the best judge.


Linda said...

Let's imagine, for fun, the thoughts of a new boyfriend, seeing your apartment for the first time, and encountering these hypothetical possessions..

Elvis thingy and Jackie jar:
"This girl! Cute and quirky! Make out with meeeee!!"

Royal family dolls:
"This girl! Will kill me! In my sleep!!"

oline said...

given the musket, the empty wine bottles, the wall of elvis, the ramses bust, the tabloids, the pistol, the pictures of people kissing, the pink bathroom, and sexual mozart and the shattered jfk head, i think my gentlemen callers are already wary enough.

ps. "sexual mozart and the shattered jfk head" = OH. MY. GOD. best band name ever.

Linda said...

a christian band, right??

oline said...

totally. they only do covers of amy grant. sexual mozart and the shattered jfk head would rock some serious "el shaddai."

oline said...

("sexual mozart and the shattered jfk head would rock some serious el shaddai"... sentences never before uttered in all of human history. AND YOU WERE THERE!)