23 August 2011

4 hot

thanks to a stray facebook message and a need for more frequent bumping and grinding, oli and i are taking burlesque. again. you can likely feel my mum's disapproval all the way from memphis. the whole situation is very 2008.

except for one thing... the prop list was emailed out over the weekend. bras, shimmy belts and back panel. i'm clearly a failure as a bombshell as i know what only one of those three things is.

the back panel, in particular, was mystifying.

immediately, oli emailed: what the hell is a back panel??? is it like a fabric flap for your ass?

lesson one of intermediate burlesque: a back panel is a fabric flap for your ass. so now we know.


Linda said...

I kind of feel like we all need a back panel.

oline said...

grab some chiffon, stuff it down your pants and viola! back panel. so sexy.

Linda said...

does it count if a pair of panties sticks to the back of your pants in the dryer?

oline said...

totally. so long as you shake your ass.