21 July 2011

3 ugh

so i don't really have anything to say about THIS
except that it's been bothering me.
because if none of it's true, then it's annoying that it won't go away, 
if it is true, it is deeply horrid.


jmillewitz said...

I concur. Also, her dress is hideous!

oline said...

i think that was her reception dress. there was also a wedding dress and a getting the papers signed at the courthouse dress. google THAT one and get a load of the mummsy lacy bits coming out of her sleeves and i think you'll appreciate this one so much more.

and dude, check out the cake. i mean, really. is that a conch shell or a cornucopia? it looks like a variety of sea life mounted that thing and died. i can see why they opted to cut the paltry cheesecake instead.

apparently i had a LOT to say about the aesthetics of this wedding...

oline said...

and you still look like kate middleton in your blogger profile pic and i still love it.