23 July 2011

4 the pretzel bun

kantor's working in the loop so we met for lunch yesterday. we went to hannah's bretzel, where i ate a little something that looked a lot like this:

and oh. my. god.

for maybe a solid year k.clen has been obsessed with the pretzel bun and i've teased her accordingly. dear k.clen, i get it and will make fun no more.


Anonymous said...

I want Hannah's Pesto + Fresh Mozzarella. And yes, I want to share Heaven in a Bowl with you!

oline said...

best. meal. ever. now... how to get you to town? or how to get a fedexed sandwich and ice cream to you?

kit said...

how's funny! last weekend i had an angus burger on a toasted pretzel bun the first time @ state and i also in love with it http://www.state-chicago.com/ i'd definitely try that sandwich at hannah's. it look REALLLY GOOOOD :) thanks for sharing!

oline said...

definitely go! it was SO good. and perfect for a friday on a long week!