01 July 2011

5 hazardry

this is a picture of me. in a swimsuit. doing gymnastics on the metalwork where an awning should have been but inexplicably never was. i'm seven.

i look at this now and my first thought is why did we have so many lawnchairs in the garage? my second thought is OMG, there are so many hazards here!

the rickety metal. the hose. the wood plank. what appears to be a box of papers and fireworks adjacent to a  pocket-sized propane tank set at random in a field of dried grass.

k.clen and i were swinging ages and ages ago and we got to talking about this. the fact that, as kids, we would go as high as we could on the swings without any fear of falling off. we would even purposefully try to swing so high that there was a possibility we would flip the swing over the swingset.

we do not swing like this now. as adults taking to the swings, there was a temptation to check the bolts to make sure they were secure before ever getting on. we didn't, but we wanted to.

i've no point here beyond the fact that i resent this change in attitude. and that i wish we could hold on to that fearlessness we have as children and revel in the freedom we have as adults.


Meggie said...

My first thought was, "brain injury!!!!". Sigh.

Linda said...

definite validity to that concept, that adults need to remember the fearlessness of their youth.

however, I don't think it is by accident that children seem to have more broken bones than grown-ups. (and I can't back that up..I make up 79% of my statistics)

To go on a parent tangent for a moment, I am constantly faced with this as I raise a child. I want him to be fearless, to think he can do or try anything. But... I want him to learn caution and to exercise wisdom. Don't be afraid of the swimming pool, but don't be foolish with it. And the definition of "foolish" is vague..even between the two parents.

These be my thoughts. That, and how the hell did you get up there?

Lara Ehrlich said...

That was going to be my question! How DID you get up there? Did the puppy help you?

Meggie said...

I am thinking she vaulted off the dog onto the pole. Thus earning a 9.0 from the judges.

Linda said...

Meggie! awesome!