06 July 2011

7 20 hours on the road, 3 days in memphis

12 a.m.
mantachie, mississippi
the car museum

the meditation garden, self-portrait (part 1)

the meditation garden, self-portrait (part 2)



Linda said...

I want to know everyone's favorite parts of the weekend! loved the pic.

oline said...

i will start us off by saying: NOT the drive(s). or the jackals. however, the safaris through the fields of mantachie were pretty kick ass.

Linda said...


looooove yooooou!!

oline said...

shut up!

and yes, around 2 a.m. somewhere in arkansas there were animals that, in our delirium, we believed to be jackals. more likely they were coyotes.

Katie C said...

listen. when you've been awake for 20 hours and a creepy looking animal runs across the road, I don't care what it actually is, I'm calling it a jackal. :)

Also. What the heck am I doing in the bbq picture???? proof of the fatigue = I no longer remembered how to stand.

and finally- my favorite part of the weekend... probably all of it. The general weekendry ridiculousness of it all. Oh- and how we kept saying we were just going to chill and then never did. Yeah. that part. :)

Katie said...

Can I pick 10 favorite parts? :)

Linda said...

Yes! 10! Go!