23 June 2011

4 la soirée

we're not very good at events around here. we like the idea of them, yes, but ultimately they just go down awkward. (unless there is cake. if there's cake they go good.)

last night, katie i and i went to cheeky's summer soirée. by which i mean we were at the w long enough to have one drink, hug my editors, snap some pictures, and ascertain that there was no cake and that what food was available came only in chicly small portions on plates that were astonishingly scarce and always terribly far away.

realizing that, we did what any cheeky chicks would do. we bailed and hightailed it to the thai restaurant down the street where we ate like queens and i had The HOTTEST Curry Of My Life. then, like any out-on-the-town glamor girls, we raced home so as to be in bed by 9 p.m.


Linda said...

I want to see the pics!!

Linda said...

Also, that description of the soiree food selection is the stuff of my nightmares.

oline said...

it was. we were ravenously hungry so we probably looked like hounds at the hunt. not attractive.

The Whiffer said...

Now I understand how you can get up so early.