17 June 2011

3 it is my lucky day

chicago and i've had a rough patch, what with half the people i know moving away last summer and the subsequent 10 months of winter and drear. but today the city deigned to gift us with weather so wonderful and rare that, more often than not, i have to go elsewhere to find it. and now all is well with the world.

this fact is only reenforced when i nab the last non-bruised banana from the fruit bowl in the newstand outside my office. the shorter of the two pakistani owners (both of whom long ago dubbed me "healthy girl" because i only ever visit them to procure fruit) exclaims, healthy girl gets the last banana! as though this were a race and i were the horse for whom they'd been rooting all day.

the shorter of the two pakistani owners holds the last banana aloft like a treasured relic as he goes to place it gently in the bag i have stated repeated over the years that i do not need and yet always get.

as it slides into the bag, both men sigh contemplatively, the last banana. the taller of the two repeats this just as the shorter man exclaims in a voice that seems entirely too loud for the small space we're in, it's your lucky day!

yes, i say, yes it is.


Linda said...

congratulations, healthy girl!

Osutein said...

That is the most phallic bag of groceries I've ever seen.

oline said...

ha. i don't know what it means that this is one of the pictures i'm proudest of having taken. maybe that's why it's been so popular on flickr.