06 June 2011

3 the dream (and not as in martin luther king's, but just, y'know, in general)

i've dreamed about her just once. once in all these years. and this was very, very early on. maybe '94 or '95. back when it was all much much simpler and she was just an interesting story rather than one i had to tell.

we were backstage at something in some dressing room that looked exactly like the vintage clothing booth in the back left corner of the battleground antique mall in franklin, tennessee off harpeth road.

we were not alone. we did not speak. i was wearing yellow chiffon.

she looked me in the eye and she nodded.

i remember this when i wear yellow.


Katie C said...

do we need to go back to Franchesca's and buy you the yellow dress for this reason? :)

oline said...

ha. no. though more and more i think i need the cockatoo bracelet.

oline said...

you're clearly dragging me into the abyss of franchesca's addiction.