18 May 2011

5 bugger

so THIS is exciting.

what i remember about the 13 year cicadas of 13 years ago is that it was the year before the year i graduated high school. at the graduation ceremony for the class above me, i was to be turning pages for bobby lutrell, with whom i was co-accompanist for the centennial high school choir- a position i prized as being infinitely sexier than being in the band though, in retrospect, it kind of really wasn't.

bobby lutrell was super cute. like inappropriately cute for 11th grade. he had this floppy hair and a vaguely ethnic background that lent him a perpetual tan. and on top of the hair and the tan, he freaking played the piano. the monday after titanic came out, he was playing "my heart will go on" by ear. there is a part of me that still believes he was totally my destiny. or gay.

but the problem with bobby lutrell was that he knew he was super cute, a fact i- an enlightened and tortuously humble southern baptist young lady- felt should have rendered him repulsive.

mind you, it didn't, but it should have, and so i never even fully acknowledged to myself that i was thoroughly in love with him at the time. a matter further complicated by the fact that i was becoming slowly entangled with partner's then-boyfriend whom i would, within six months, date and make gay. and, of course, the joint crush that partner and i had harbored for peety for years and years and years.

so high school was confusing. even before the cicadas.

in the midst of that stew of adolescent angst, in that summer of 1998, the cicadas came. we knew three things about them:

(1) they were nasty, big-ass bugs
(2) they were attracted to noise
(3) their only goal in life was to mate


i remember thinking about this then. as i stood at an outdoor graduation ceremony, turning the pages of music while the boy who knew how cute he was banged loudly on a heavily mic-ed percusive instrument alongside a group of 100 people singing at top range.

i remember tossing my hair in a way i thought bobby lutrell would be sure to find attractive and thinking, this is totally the best place to be when the cloud of sex-crazed bugs comes rolling in.


Linda said...

ha haaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

oline said...

don't laugh too loud. the cicadas will sex you up.

Linda said...

creepy little bastards. with their glowey red eyes, and weirdly shaped wings.

Meggie said...

1. Wasn't Bobby gay???

2. Damn cicadas are back and I live on the woods. Good thing I pay people to mow my lawn. LOL.

3. Ah, Petey.

oline said...

(1) i genuinely don't think so, though that means very little coming from me.

(2) there is no grosser bug.

(3) and i hope petey is as cute as he always was. it would break my heart if he isn't.