27 April 2011

4 the vacation

last weekend, my family took a vacation. our first since march 2003.

please appreciate the massive passage of time there. so much time that i had managed to forget one of the defining elements of every family vacation we have ever had: we wake up early.

really effing early.

as though we had livestock to tend.

therefore, the massive collection of my father's photo albums is punctuated with "vacation" pictures where we look inexcusably haggard:

(ft. lauderdale, florida, 1985)

and grumpy:
(vicksburg, mississippi, 1984)

and hostile: 
(memphis, tennessee, 1990)

it's been awhile since we've vacationed. i had forgotten this.

foolishly, i looked upon this vacation as a five-day stretch in which i could recoup a fraction of the thousands of hours of sleep i'm owed from this past year of hedonistic living and the last two months of traveling entirely too much and taking on entirely too many things.

alas- as i was reminded every single morning in unfailingly singsong tones- WE EATONS ARE EARLY RISERS! there is no sleeping in.

and so, during our five day family vacation, every single day, we awoke with the sun. the only exception was easter, when we skipped church and slept in until 7:15. my parents acted all day as though this were a monumental splurge. really, it wasn't. our flights the following morning necessitated waking at the ungodly hour of 3 a.m.


jmillewitz said...

but did you go to bed early as well?

oline said...

sadly, no.

Linda said...

ah. hence the "I'll sleep when I'm dead" comment.

oline said...

yup. that seems the best solution.