08 April 2011

2 spirited

back in february, in solidarity with a friend, i went off drinking through may. that's how i fell in love with the mocktail. i swear, people, it's gonna be a thing. 

presumably you've all taken my advice and walked into a bar and asked the bartender to invent something non-alcoholic and totally delish. and, unless you were asking this of the bartender at the back room of bar deville last friday night- who swore up and down that it was impossible to attain any non-alocholic beverage, including water- this advice has undoubtedly paved the way for fun, flavorful times. that, or lots of shirley temples.

i've never paid the shirley temple much attention with the exception of when i worked "kids eat free" night at applebee's. in the hierarchy of mocktails, it's the lowest of the low. pour the juice from a jar of maraschino cherries into a glass of sprite and huzzah! the shirley temple can be made by anyone, as opposed to the strawberry/orange/sugar wonder that could only be made by owen at maude's.

this is what i thought until last friday night when, after bar deville at blue line, i had The Shirley Temple of My Life. i made the mistake of believe all shirley temples are created equal. people, they are not.

so i'm revising my earlier statement...

the shirley temple, ya'll. get with it. it's gonna be a thing.


jmillewitz said...

I'm glad it made up for it considering that horrible guy at bar deville. Boy did he lose a bunch of money with that decision to be a dick! The rest of us drink a lot and tip well.

oline said...

amen, sister.
ps. i heart this picture you took.