20 April 2011

3 peon

so there was THIS article, which- to paraphrase loosely- says that women who drink more than three cups of caffeine a day are doomed to be incontinent.

since reading this article (and, yes, it's from the daily mail so we should take it with a whole heap of salt), i've arrived at a general acceptance of my inevitable plight.

i drink entirely way more than three cups a caffeine a day. it's indecent. a figure so unacceptable i'm unwilling to even confess it to lindear.

i've done this for 20+ years. so, if three cups a day does damage, well then, that damage has pretty much been done.

mind you, i'm not far enough removed from the experience of having to buy adult diapers for a relative having digestive difficulty in a foreign land (which is an awesome story for another year) to not be totally horrified by this news. but, i am, after all, the fastest pee-er in the world. maybe that's a skill that's double-edged: both an athletic gift and an indicator that my incontinent doom has already begun.


Linda said...

I think BECAUSE you are a fast peer (pee-er?), you will be okay. It takes some serious pee muscles (those exist, right?) to be fast.

oline said...

YES. i will accept that as as the truth, you being doctorda and all.

Anonymous said...

caffeine is good for your brain, so, like, trade off. Incontinence and higher brain function. Although maybe you would want lower brain function, less awareness of your oncoming predicament.