07 April 2011

2 pay day

wednesday: the day biographically-made money hit my bank account.


as in, no waiting for checks in the mail. no depositing checks in the bank. there was simply an invoice requesting payment and then BAM! as if by magic, there was money in my bank.

granted, this was a reimbursement for 1.3333333333 hours of work, which defrays approximately 1.9% of the expenses i've incurred thus far, which is a demoralizing thought so we're not going to dwell on it.

instead, we're going to pause here and acknowledge that this was, in some small way, momentous. because for the first time, someone paid me, at a rate that i had set, to do something i absolutely love. i was well paid for 1.33333333 hours of fun and there are few things so lovely as that.


mak said...

First time I got paid for my photography, it was like my birthday, graduation, and what I'm sure Christmas is for people who like Christmas all combined. CONGRATS!!!

oline said...

it was pretty damn exciting. and, speaking of exciting, CONGRATS on your essay!!