14 April 2011

2 last night

vieve fell into the small space created by the junction of the bed and the corner. she did this in the dead of night without making a single sound, so that the scene unfolded with the emotional intensity of a silent film. 

intuiting that something was wrong, i removed my sleeping mask to discover the cat patiently stuck in a hole with her end up in the air like titanic.

because this wouldn't be excitement enough, while she was down the hole, her fur became electrically charged, so that when i extracted her, the sparks traveled between us and i briefly (gloriously!) looked like the emperor from return of the jedi, torturing the smallest ewok that ever was.


Anonymous said...

glad to hear Vieve still doing her thing. Alternate reality Barry (the one who isn't gay) pines for her from afar.

oline said...

they would be the cutest couple.