20 April 2011

7 if we were other people, last night totally would've been the night we were in a room with caroline kennedy

but, yeah. we're us.
and so, while last night was a night that we were in a room with caroline kennedy
more importantly,
it was the night we went to chick-fil-a.


oline said...

the christ lamb cake picture may be my favorite. of all time.

Linda said...

what constitutes a christ lamb, exactly?

and i like the grey stache with the red hair.

did you even get a "teeny tiny far away" pic of caroline kennedy???

oline said...

a lamb made of cake sitting in a pile of easter grass? i'm still not even sure but it was 50% off. so if it's an actual thing, other people must not be aware.

so when my mustache comes in i should dye it gray? good to know.

and nope. i kept waiting for the "reading" part to commence since we were at a reading, but then she just finished up her anecdotes and they started putting people in lines and we took our rumbly tummies to chick-fil-a. i was, however, even from that great distance, deeply impressed by the shininess of our hair. shampoo commercials always talk about that and i usually think it's just a euphemism for greasies, but caroline kennedy has shiny hair. even in real life. and it totally works.

Katie C said...

the picture with the lamb cake makes my body look really really small compared to my head- almost caricature like. I am strangely okay with that though b/c that picture is HILARIOUS.

Linda said...

Katie C - i'd meant to comment on this earlier. your side bangs are (forgive me...) bangin.

oline said...

i don't think there is anyone in all the world more obsessed with side bangs than you, lindear.

Linda said...

clearly I have weird issues about my hair part.