19 April 2011

3 we hard core

inning 1

last night, in our continuing indulgence in spring activites for which is not yet warm enough, k.clen (dressed for the cubs) and i (dressed for a figure skating sequence in a doris day film) went to wrigley, where we endured nine innings of the most boring baseball in history in the midst of a meteorological event best characterized as "a wintry mix."

inning 9


Katie C said...

okay, but seriously. Why do I look like a crazy person ALL THE TIME???

maybe this is a question I should not be asking in public.

oline said...

i don't think it's crazy person so much as expressive. but then i'm your platonic soulmate and we have spent like the past 120 hours together so i may not be totally in touch with reality anymore.

Osutein said...

The coldest night of your life in Chicago will always be April at a Cub's game.