06 April 2011

2 family time, iii

i have written a lot about my family.

this dawned on me during the romantic getaway last winter, when croftie, upon being confronted with the truthiness of all i had written, was so amazed that her expression through much of the trip was one of a child watching disney on ice. when i played the piano and my dad sang the song about the horrible smell, she said, omg, that's exactly how it happened on your blog. when my mum received a package from qvc in the day's mail and then offered her a hit off a bonnie bell, croftie gave me the eyebrows of omg, that's totally from your blog!

this is a street that goes both ways, so when croftie instantly twigged onto an obscure allusion to dean burrito and belle grande, i saw my parents exchange a glance of visible alarm. a glance that was pure omg, we are being those people she's written about on her blog!

so i knew this was happening. i knew i was making my family into characters. i have known for nearly a year. but somehow it didn't truly hit me until a few weeks ago, when i said i was going to engage in some hijinx and k.clen paused for a beat before saying, but, oline, would burvil approve?


Lara Ehrlich said...

LOVE this. Though I have never in my life said "OMG."


oline said...

i have to be untruthy every now and again. keeps you on you toes!