06 March 2011

2 thematic

k.lo, katie i. and i have these theme nights. though always epic, they have yet to go according to plan.

we are wearing wigs and sequins. we are going to do korean bbq and karaoke. we are on our way when we total katie i.'s car.

we wind up in a police station wearing wigs and sequins.

at 11 p.m., starving and exhausted and in the middle of little korea, we wander into a columbian restaurant where we sit, the three of us at a table for two, wearing wigs and sequins.

you act like you know where you're going when really you have no idea. no clue what'll happen, where you'll wind up, what you'll learn.

wigs make the best winter hats.

going into korean night we did not know that. we'll now likely never forget.


Linda said...

Good heavens!!!

and this also makes me believe the wigs and sequins should then NOT be worn in the summertime.

Katie C said...

totaled her car?!?! Not good! I love the downplay of this in your text message this morning... Glad everyone's okay. and that the wigs proved helpful in life.