03 March 2011

9 righteous indignation

we are sitting in the naked lady bar discussing womaninity and the necessity of sexual objectification when the dane alludes to a statistic that i recognize as being from the modesty survey. 

i exclaim entirely too loudly, YES!!!!!!!

for months i have been waiting for someone to bring this up. 

so, way back in july there was this tiny report about this little survey. the modesty survey. there are no words for how much the modesty survey offended me then. there are barely words for how much it continues to offend me now.

it is hard to be a girl and it's not particularly helpful when boys blame all evil in the world upon girls' bodies. 

i'm not gonna lie. because of the modesty survey and its revelation that 48% of the surveyed christian men think that purses should not be worn across the body and 19% aren’t sure, since this past july, there has not been a time that i have put a bag across my body without remembering those christian men who took the modesty survey and thinking, yeah, well fuck you.

the modesty survey still smarts. enough that i haven't been able to write about it and that is why this post sat for seven months in an empty file entitled "the modesty survey- UGH." 

that is why the only real point of this post will be "the modesty survey- UGH." 

because it is still so offensive that there is really nothing much else to say. there is just frustration. because there are girls- christian or otherwise- who will read the modesty survey and believe the data that is presented there. girls who will not feel at home in their bodies because some silly boys made them feel that everything about their bodies was wrong. 


Osutein said...

I think righteous indignation is the only sane response to this. Reading it literally made me sick to my stomach. Just... gah!

oline said...

more than anything, it makes me want to be really scandalously immodest.

jmillewitz said...

my favorite (so far)

Zipping a form-fitting jacket to just below the chest draws too much attention to the bust.

40.9% agree
15.9% strongly agree

oline said...

i think what this definitively proves is that anything can be a "stumbling block" if you let it be.

(and i still adore how "catherine" middleton you look in your picture there)

Linda said...

maybe the survey was only conducted in a small room of like 8 men?

oline said...

sadly no, a whole heap of them signed their names to it.

Acer Negundo said...

I wore a blindfold and nothing else to work today. It's my "reverse burka".

I love Louise Brooks by the way. Nic pic.

oline said...

now i feel we've been remiss in not discussing lulu before. i love her because she was the trampiest. and the hair, but of course.

Acer Negundo said...

Oh yes, she was trampy. And OH SO STYLISH.