24 March 2011

0 obvious

you can never go back.

you can do something you've done before, yes, but it will be different. it will not be the same.

this is a fact of life.

i do not like it. but then you probably already knew that given that nearly everything i write reflects upon the past.

march is busy and it's filled with a flurry of events that have become borderline liturgical in their unfolding every year. much of what i have been doing this month has mirrored what i did last year. and yet, this is not last year.

last year, i ice skated. this year, i fell on my ass. last year, new york was transformative. this year, it was equally transformative in totally different ways.

you can do the same things, but you can never go back.

i know that, i just don't approve.

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