03 March 2011

6 the obit

dear earwax cafe, 

you've died. 

admittedly, i haven't been to see you in awhile because you're kinda of a different era. you're very october 2009 to april 2010. which isn't to diminish your importance. it's just that i've moved on. 

we met on halloween night. when jen came to town and we rendezvoused with scott hamilton for dinner before the halloween where we had the party in the funeral home and i wore the shortest skirt i've ever worn in public and at 3 a.m. jen and i stood at the corner of ashland and division for a solid hour trying to hail a cab. 

there was a streak last winter when jmills and i ate your pumpkin pancakes nearly every single sunday. because i love pumpkin pancakes and because i had a crush on one of your waiters. a red head who was just dirty looking enough to be undesirable but friendly and, therefore, safely fun to flirt with. 

only one night at rainbo last spring, after birnsy and i'd indulged in your falafel and chased it down with four rounds of whiskey sours, did jmills let the truth slip- that she thought your food was crap. she'd been eating there only for me. it seemed wrong to drag her back again. 

and so i dragged others. libby, k.lo, k.clen, my parents and my high school gay ex-boyfriend. but the times had changed. cute waiter eyecandy wasn't quite so important and i'd found far better falafel. 

but i still liked knowing you were there. in a chicago season when 2/3s of the people i knew moved away, it was comforting to know that you were still here. still sturdy, steadfast and boasting the best breakfast potatoes in town. 



Lara Ehrlich said...


Acer Negundo said...

Maybe it was because I was extremely hungry, but I liked my big omlette and hashbrowns.

Anywhere that serves all-day breakfast has a special place in my heart.


jmillewitz said...

sorry to see you go Earwax. It's true I thought your hollandaise was runny and your turkey burger tasted like dirt, but your decor was fun and interesting and your servers pleasant and cute. Plus I loved the chairs against the wall.

An era of Wicker Park has ended with your passing.

oline said...

i'll just always be grateful for that bowl of oatmeal on that halloween. there might've been vodka cranberry fueled disaster otherwise.

Les Savy Ferd said...

little known fact, one afternoon when L and I were dining therein, some sort of spunky acrobat girl came in with a TV camera crew and I was randomly gangpressed into helping her do a handstand on my knee. The stunt was supposed to air on the Ellen DeGeneres show, but I had totally forgotten about it up until now.

I wonder if it ever aired?

Also, their pulled pork sandwiches were top notch.

oline said...

i feel as though somewhere out there in the youtube world of handstand fetishists, you are a superstar.