20 March 2011

7 i like goals

1) fly a plane
2) go to texas
3) ride a horse
4) sit in a boat
5) eat ethiopian
6) blues on halsted
7) holi
8) bowl
9) hollywood grill
10)flash mob


Linda said...

Come to Nsshville for #4!!!

I'd say 5 as well, but I'm sure Chi has a better one. a "more opener" one.

oline said...

i think #2 is the key to 3 and 4.

Acer Negundo said...

If you come to Regina we can cover 3,4,5,8 and 10.

oline said...

really!? regina: land where goals come true.

Les Savy Ferd said...

well, i'm pretty sure if you came and visited we could go bowling. maybe. I am 110 times more sure you could ride a horse as they outnumber humans 2 to 1 around here. There are also lakes so I'm assuming boating is also on the table.

I can't help you acquire a pilot's license or go to TX (btw SXSW was last week so what's the point?). I have no idea what items #7,9, & 10 even mean.

Back when i worked in the HP all the bookstore peeps spoke of a fine Ethiopian restaurant south of the University. You should like, totally hit that shit.

Sensei and I did the whole Blues on halsted thing back in MAPH when absolutely NOBODY else wanted to go. We ended up going with a few other kids and nearly got stranded at the red-line stop out 55th st. Also, the blues was mostly watered down for the phalanx of 40-something moms that crashed the place.

Also, it is easy to misread your previous post where it will unsurprisingly still make perfect sense.

oline said...

oh, pervO.

7 is a hindu religious festival where you throw paint.

9 is a tacky-ass restaurant at the corner of ashland and north ave famous for it's $6.99 friday night all you can eat fish fry.

10 is, according to wikipedia, "a term coined in 2003 to denote a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and sometimes seemingly pointless act for a brief time, then disperse, often for the purposes of entertainment and/or satire."

and drats, if i'd only put hyde park day on here there could've been an ethiopian/HP combo and i could've killed two birds with one stone. you know how i love to kill birds.

jmillewitz said...

I'm going to discourage #9, unless you like heartburn and crap service.