10 March 2011

2 i am full of beans

i am a horder of beans.


i've said it.

this realization dawns as i'm lunching with k.lo waxing on for the sixth consecutive week about this arab grocery up north that i must go to because they've a rare bean i've yet to find- dry or canned- in the city.

there are currently six varietals of dried beans in my pantry. white beans, kidney beans, red beans, black beans, butter beans and lentils. an irony, because i never actually cook anything for myself. for other people, yes, just not for me. i live on coffee, milk and cake.

and yet, i always imagine that there is in me this other girl who does cook for herself and, that girl, i imagine, would cook herself some beans. thus, they are on hand for a day when that girl i have never been shows up.

this is ridiculous. this whole business with the arab grocery and the desperate attainment of a rare bean so that i can have it on hand in case i ever become a girl who cooks for herself and decide to cook the one food for which it is a required ingredient.

but i am nothing if not ridiculous. and, yes, the whole purpose of writing this has been that i will now have to (a) go to the arab grocery and (b) cook the damn beans.


Linda said...

Do you have a crock pot?

jmillewitz said...

you could make vegetarian chili.