04 March 2011

16 et vous?

1. jackie
2. kierkegaard
3. liz taylor
4. chinua achebe
5. joan trumpauer mulholland
6. elvis
7. butterfly mcqueen


oline said...

there is the potential for the best conversations ever in the history of the world...

(1) soren/liz
(2) liz/chinua
(3) joan/elvis/butterfly

Lara Ehrlich said...

Wow. Your list is FAR more intellectual and ethnically diverse than mine. Very nice.

oline said...

i think we need to see your list, croftie...

Les Savy Ferd said...

1. Batman
2. Joan D'arc
3. Old Dirty Bastard
4. Me (age 20)
5. Me (age 20, alternate timeline)
6. Penelope (Odysseus' Wife)
7. Truman Capote

I'm thinking Batman would be a charming dinner conversationalist. Also, the two younger me will at some point leap up onto the table to fight to the death. The question, of course, would be depending on which me won, the real me might disappear a la Michael J Fox in Back to the Future or just change in subtle ways.

Whoever wins will undoubtedly be dealing with a lot of "wait until you get to watch the Wire!" from me.

Lara Ehrlich said...

Done. http://laraehrlich.com/2011/03/04/how-bout-you/

And done long before Doug posted HIS list, so let me just say that we have one dinner-mate in common: Truman Capote. Is that weird?

oline said...

(seriously, croftie, i curse the day you posted that ironical pornographic youtube video that has prevented me from ever accessing your blog at work again!)

i find it very romantical that you both invited truman. it seems to speak volumes regarding your mutual love of phillip seymour hoffman as well.

and i'm intrigued by the prospect of what truman and penelope will discuss...

jmillewitz said...

hmm this is hard, but off the top of my head, here's my table. I want it to be just me and the boys and learn absolutely nothing!

david bromstad
justin bieber
edward cullen
ghostbusters dan akroyd
john stewart
chunk from the goonies
john lennon

jmillewitz said...

I would definatly sit in between the Johns and across from edward.

oline said...

how much do i love you for including edward cullen? SO much. points for david bromstad too, though he often reminds me of daniel.

Acer Negundo said...

William Shatner
Chief Sitting Bull
George Clooney
Buffy St. Marie
John Stewart
Tommy Douglas

oline said...

i knew you would have shatner. buffy st. marie was a pleasant surprise!

Acer Negundo said...

Buffy and Joni, Sask's greatest exports.

Clark MF Price said...

Richard Dean Anderson
George Carlin
David Bowie
Courtney Love
Genghis Khan(from Bill and Ted)
Steve Martin
Austin Scarlett

oline said...

i heart you for including macgyver.

Linda said...

Fred Rogers
Conan O'Brien
Jack Benny
Harpo Marx
Johnny Cash
Neil Gaiman
Damian Kulash

(hi. I know this was a week ago. heh.)

oline said...

there are pretty much no words for how much i love you for fred rogers.