08 March 2011

2 dire oui

most people do not do what they say they are going to do. that is a fact of life.

you may look deep into my green eyes and say, hey, we should go kayaking, yeah, we should totally do that, but that doesn't mean we ever will. more than likely, it means we are destined not to.

my disapproval of this trend has been a theme that's colored a lot of what i've written and done in the last two years. because i prefer to live like things can actually happen. and while this doesn't necessarily mean that they will, just that small shift of mentality leaves open the potential, the possibility. and possibility is key.

i can't find a better name for this mentality than "just say yes"- a sadly derivative phrase diametrically opposed to the only bit of wisdom nancy reagan ever gave us. but what it basically boils down to is an openness to experience. to hard questions, to pulling off the road, to inconveniences, to trying sushi, to getting on a horse, to going to new york, to being a biographer.

but those are all big(ish) things and the tricky bit is that there must be a moving forward in small ways as well.

small things are harder. there are three small things i need to do. i have intended to do them since 2009. i'm posting them here because now i'll have to do them so that i won't be one of those people. so that my yes will mean yes, and i will have done what i say i am going to do.


Linda said...

woot! goals!!!

(PS... let's make kayaking one of your goals next time you are in TN. not the scary rapid stuff. like, a fat kayak in which we can sit and float down a river. eh? eh????)

oline said...

yes. falling out of the boat would seem less terrifying with you.