15 February 2011

2 merci beaucoup mes aime

jmills said something, weeks ago. when my girls were here and we were all standing in an alley in wicker park outside rainbo half-drunk on whiskey sours with a guy who was wearing an outrageously patriotic sweater that has made him go down in our history as "mr. usa." jmills quieted everyone and said we needed to take a moment to recognize that we were in the presence of a published author. she meant me and i did not thank her then because, despite all young oline's good intentions, i still do not know how to accept compliments graciously. but i have thought of it often since. and it has meant the world.


Les Savy Ferd said...

huzzah! (however belated) I am looking forward to my zine.

oline said...

i hereby accept that compliment graciously.