21 February 2011

3 baby steps

some weeks ago, i wrote a local website and asked if they were accepting contributions. some days ago, the editor wrote back and asked what i could contribute. accordingly, like any english major worth her salt, i made shit up. 

thanks to that question, i am, apparently, now contributing that made up shit.

this is both a hilarifying reinforcement of the age-old adage that when it rains it pours and an alarming reminder that i have no idea what i'm doing. but it's also a reminder that that feeling, that uncertainty, that sensation of spinning in six directions at once isn't all bad. in fact, it's really rather lovely. if you let it be.


Linda said...

i'm so stinking excited about this.

ps.. who the lady is?

oline said...

it should be interesting.

ps. i have no idea, but isn't her dog beautiful and aren't her cheekbones to die foah?

Linda said...