23 February 2011

8 aerodynamics

last friday was rough, so i did what anyone would do in response to a rough day. i signed up for flight school.

because my first thought upon seeing the opportunity in my inbox was i have to do that. then my second thought was but i can't. thankfully, i've been publicly espousing this whole "love! seize the day! que sera, sera!" paradigm for years now to an extent that, when that particular line of thinking occurs, a moral obligation kicks in to just shut my eyes, take the leap and make that shit real.

so i signed up. i said yes.

the yes is usually the hardest part and yet, i think it becomes easier the more you say it. the more you are confronted with the extravagant experiences you might have missed out on had you said no.

because if you don't say yes, you are saying no to something that may or may not have been unspeakably awesome. you are giving up an opportunity that comes with a 50% chance of being the best story of your life.

that's a forfeiture far riskier than flying a plane.

which isn't to say that flying a plane won't be plenty scary. but my parents- who are beginning to if not understand at least humor my worldview (and if you can tell me where the comma goes in that statement, you are my hero)- are surprisingly nonplussed by this news. their lack of concern is unnerving until my mother explains.

she has been reading a book. in it, there is this passage:
“Oh, I’m not brave. I’m just sure of myself. I just remember when I was a kid, I once was going on a canoeing trip in the Everglades and some of my friends decided not to go because it was going to be too much discomfort and hardship. But they did come to watch the rest of us head off on the trip, and I remember looking up as we pushed off and seeing the forlorn faces of the people left behind looking on. That’s what started my life of adventure. I knew I never wanted to be the one left on the shore.” 
on the morning of the friday afternoon where i called my parents and told them i had signed up for flight school, my mother had read this passage aloud to my father, who, according to my mother, laughed and said, don't tell your daughter. she'll want to pack off to paris or, God forbid, pilot a plane.


Osutein said...

The commas should fall as such:

"who are beginning to if, not understand at least humor my, worldview."

oline said...

yeah, i'm going, to, veto that.

Les Savy Ferd said...

my, parents,, who are beginning to if not understand, at, least, humor, my worldview, are surpris,ingly nonplussed by, , ,this, news.

meh, I tried.

oline said...

bah! now i! really do want! to know how! it should be! done...

Les Savy Ferd said...

it's even better when you try and say the last to posts. I lolled.

oline said...

i think a part of me just died because you used LOL as a verb.

kjd said...

flight school! I just signed josh up for flight school. a one hour class at 50% off (thank you groupon!).

it should be written:
my parents, who are beginning to if not understand, at least, humor my worldview, are surprisingly nonplussed by this news.

do i win? do i get a prize?

oline said...

YES!!! you have just single-handedly proven that women are the superior sex!