31 January 2011

4 young oline & titanic

[18 December 1997]
[Tomorrow we go to see Titanic.
It should be AWESOME!]

[19 December 1997
Friday, 9:46]
[EXAMS ARE OVER. Titanic was awesome. They did such a brilliant job.
It was so sad. Afterwards everyone seemed as though they were in shock.
Rightfully so.
Leo was gorgeous! It wore me out though.]


Lara Ehrlich said...

oh, sigh. i wish i'd known you then.

oline said...

i don't think the world was ready for that just yet.

Linda said...

teen angst does tire a body.

oline said...

i'm not entirely sure what wore me out- the movie or leo's gorgeousness. and there is a LOT more where this came from, as you will see. we haven't even gotten to my discovery of the soundtrack.