08 January 2011

0 recess

i've wanted to go swinging (as in, on a swing set- not sexually) since the second sunday in june- when the philosopher and i were blazing through cleveland's wonders and saw a set of swings incongruously placed in the middle of the avenue of international parks.

we didn't swing. instead we ate fuhl from a styrofoam container while sitting on a bench by a lake amid a flock of geese.

this was an experience awesome enough in its novelty that i was sufficiently distracted from the need to swing. i have, nonetheless, wanted to swing ever since.

in the spirit of making deferred dreams come true, on a random recent 15° weekday at noon, the philosopher and i invaded dorothy's playground at oz park to, at long last, swing.

and as much as i hope one day to be able to have a piano, i think i'd rather have a swing set instead. 

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