28 January 2011

2 only in my dreams

i am a troubled sleeper. this goes one of three ways: either i sleep with deceptively glorious ease or i do not sleep or i sleep and have freakishly bad dreams.

vivid, bloody, csi-style dreams. with elaborate backstories and gruesome montages where there blood spatters in slow motion to a soundtrack suitable for soft-core porn.

for example, last night i dreamt that the members of the winning 1966 superbowl team were being systematically murdered and that murals of their faces were being erected in the windows of a deserted building located at the corner of madison and danny thomas boulevard in memphis, tennessee.

i try not to read meaning into this. try not to see things that are not there. instead, i just accept that i have seen the preview for i am number four far too many times.


jmillewitz said...

sometimes I want to walk around in your brain like being John Malkovich.

oline said...

i'm pretty sure it's lined in frosting and has a champagne fountain, but it would be good to get verification.