18 January 2011

2 heeled

i'm not an especially frugal person. i can find a deal, yes, but i have limited patience when i really really want something and i will spend lavishly and with wild abandon in the name of important things like travel or fashion or cake or love.

because travel, love and cake are non-negotiable, k.clen and i have decided to tackle the fashions and, in an effort to rein in our mutual excesses, we've embarked upon a shopping detox. admittedly, we've put in place a handful of provisos that make this significantly less painful than it might otherwise be, but it is still a challenge. enough so that i've been loathe to write about it lest we fail and i'm writing about it now only because it is integral to this story.

this is the story of how, because i am on a shopping detox and prohibiting myself from purchasing anything new, i must wait for the perfect pair of gently used, low-heeled boots to magically come into my life. it is also the story of how, in the meantime, i am using duct tape to keep the heel of my beloved gray boots attached to the sole.

never mind that at the age of near-30, i'm resorting to a method my college boyfriend once deployed on his combat boots- there's something about this situation that makes me irrationally proud of myself. even beyond my mere enthusiasm for finding unlikely uses for adhesives.

in part,  i am proud because this represents a demonstrated ability to have patience and fend for myself.

but mostly i'm proud because i know the monumental disapproval this state of shoddy affairs would provoke in my parents if they ever knew. and it pleases me to know end that in the face of that disapproval, i really don't care.


Katie C said...

and it is on that note that I say- next time we're both in town for a weekend (aka March), lets go thrifting.

oline said...

YES. the heel on my brown boots broke last night. it's hard out there for a boot.