02 December 2010

0 gran beans

in the photos from thanksgiving, there were some green beans. subsequently, multiple people wrote me to inquire after those beans. what was in them? were they as good as they looked?

i hate to break hearts but they weren't.

my gran makes green beans of such caliber that they are called The Gran Beans. beans steeped in oil until they attain an awesomeness towards which all other beans strive.

but this year, thanks to strict salt restrictions and the resulting family-wide enthusiasm for needlessly tampering with beloved foods, the gran beans were cooked in oil and ginger and decorated with a panopoly of peanuts. an ill-advised innovation the haunted us as these peanuts choked my grandfather for the next four days.

there's an analogy here.

something about memphis being those beautiful, suffocating green beans...

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