13 December 2010

2 atlanta

(for those of you who knew and loved cookie [ie. dougo], she's the ewok on the right.)

my family lived in atlanta for 34 months. we did not go to atlanta to breed per say, but that was essentially all we did while there. thus, in those 34 months, we were, in one way or another, responsible for the births of 48 persian kittens and 9 collie pups. (dogs with extra-long noses, cats with none. appreciate the irony, people.)

i'd never really given this too much thought until the other day, when it suddenly struck me as absolutely the strangest thing in all the world. while my grandparents have always aspired to the position of landed gentry, my parents are decidedly more urbane. it makes absolutely no sense for them to have concerned themselves so closely with the sex lives of our animals.

a few days later, the subject of atlanta comes up and i ask my mother about the breeding. she responds in a curious tone, both perplexed and fascinated. that was so strange, she says, as though reflecting on the life of someone else. and then, i don't know why we did that.

we start to let it go and move on to something else, but then i think to ask a question that it seems very important to ask now: why did we do that?

the answer? because we could.


Les Savy Ferd said...

Oh, Cookie.

I've always wanted a 'smoosh-faced' cat, as that is what me and mine have called that breed from time immemorial. It is not meant as anything derogatory, in fact, rather the opposite.

If P(ickle) and (B)arry were ever to get their 'J' (PB & J) it would have to be an ewok.

oline said...

smoosh = gw!

but yes, they are lovely beasts, 'cept for the ones who've been bred so their noses are so small they can't breathe. that's kinda uncool, but otherwise, as i said, lovely beasts. and, as we all know, the rebellion would've failed without the ewoks.