28 November 2010

5 meanwhile in memphis


Linda said...

I must admit, I've been waiting for the Food Shots from your family thanksgiving. you did not disappoint.

side note: LOVE the grape nut cache in the extra section. that may very well have been my own father's cupboard.

and finally...is the elephant on the stair the one that a tiny oline once sat upon?

oline said...

i thought you might be. and nope, the elephant tiny oline sat on was one of the bigger ones. i was not that wee.


Acer Negundo said...

You look fabulous in our dress. Fabulous.

Also, I want some of those green beans.

oline said...

our dress is pretty fabulous all on its own. good eye. and there are not words enough for the wonder of The Gran Beans.

Linda said...

"i was not that wee."

I had started to worry..