24 November 2010

3 i do not care about the royal wedding

mostly because prince william and kate middleton look alarmingly old for 28-year-olds (receding hairline! FIERCE makeup! oh my!), which makes me wonder, do i look alarmingly older than i think i do by virtue of being a whole year older than these prematurely aged people who are a whole year younger than me?

i feel they have forced me to confront my mortality and for that i do not like them. 

that said, i am loving the british press coverage of this nonsense about which i truly do not care. and i am loving that things like this pass for actual news:


Les Savy Ferd said...

who doesn't have carebear hips again?

oline said...

yes, that is what all women want.

oline said...

and how lovely that in my insistence that i do NOT care, i accidentally typed that i did.