23 November 2010

4 #16

there are nights when everything is perfect. where everyone gets along and everyone is quotable and everyone has fun. nights where you can just be a girl in a pink party dress standing in an alley outside rainbo smoking cigars at 1 a.m. and then suddenly an incredibly, unbelievably amazing thing happens. peggy walks by hawking her homemade cupcakes for $2.

peggy's kitchen.
vanilla, vanilla.


jmillewitz said...

OMG! Peggy! I forgot about her! That was a beautiful phenomenon. And the tamale guy was there, he gave me sustenance to carry on drinking well past my bed time.

oline said...

don't ever forget peggy. that woman was magnificent, as were her wares.

Osutein said...

Are these outings only for those with two X chromosomes? Because I dearly want to smoke cigars and eat street cupcakes in the alley by the Rainbo at 1 a.m.

oline said...

next time. i'll sneak you in.