19 September 2010

2 close up

my dad got his web camera the other day. the one he ordered so my mum could skype him while in denmark. yeah, not so much. but now at last, after near-daily reports on the webcam's progress from the amazon shipment center to mailbox #2762, it is here. so, of course, we had to test it.

as destiny would dictate, we tested it on one of the first truly cool nights of this chicago fall approximately twenty minutes after the discovery that i had flung the window open with such wild abandon in june that it was irreparably stuck come september, thus creating a living room climate inhospitably frigid and tornadic.

but because this was just my parents- one of whom had seen me less than a week prior and would, therefore, not interpret my present eccentricity as a long-term moral/mental slide- i concluded there was no need to keep up appearances. and so i sat comfy before the camera, swaddled in a leopard print blanket, sipping from a bottle of diet root bear.

i don't know what it says about my parents' perception of me that a solid ten minutes of small talk passed before my father looked deeply, earnestly into his camera and said, beeb, that beer is making your mother uncomfortable. and why on earth are you dressed like thor?


oline said...

seriously. no one called out the "root bear" typo?

Amy said...

I saw it but am definitely not going to even pretend to point out someone else's typos! You do a GREAT job and are allowed a typo here and there.