18 August 2010

2 tupelo, honey

in 15 days, my mother and i are going to denmark. you may have heard about this. it is fast becoming the comedy of the year.

my mother and me, for 10 days, in a country where she has a three-year-old's mastery of the language and a reputation for having once participated in the icecapades 40 years ago.

in good news, we have a hotel(ish). we have train passes. we know my aunt is not coming. and, glory be to God, we are no longer renting a car.

in bad news, my grandparents are procuring t-shirts from reed's department store ("the best in southern merchant quality shopping in the southeast") so we can wear them abroad and have a photograph of us wearing them abroad published in the tupelo daily journal.


Amy said...

I cannot wait to see that picture!

oline said...

oh i'm pretty sure you will!