20 August 2010

3 how much is that oline in the window?

my mother has opened a shop on etsy (HERE) from which she is hawking the relics of my youth.

you may have noticed the link.

it's over there(ish)

so if you ever thought, wow, a mid-century modern rosenthal fortuna coffee service would totally make my day (exhibit a) or what i need right now is a vintage brown velvet hat with three black buttons (exhibit b) or damn, i wish had some of the blue silk shantung mother cupcake bought at the same time she bought the red silk shantung that was used to make oline's twelfth grade homecoming dress that had an inexplicable hunch in the back so that after being worn to homecoming 1998 it was never worn again (exhibit c), then honey, consider your day made.

also for sale are the smocking patterns for the dresses of my childhood. because, somehow in the midst of working a full-time job, my mother also managed (up until the clownpants anyway) to stitch The Cutest Collection of Handmade Dresses Ever Known To Man. she's now selling these patterns, a circumstance which- thanks to the fact that there is a photograph from every day of my life up to the age of 11- has the curious side-effect of making it appear that i am worth a mere $3.


Lara Ehrlich said...

Wow! I want the "Beautiful Ballerinas" smocking plate!

oline said...

that'll be $3, ma'am.

Amy said...

You're priceless!