02 September 2010

9 a brief, self-indulgent note to the whole wide world (ie. all three of you)

dear people and close close friends whom i failed to email before leaving (and, in particular, clark price, whom i've owed a phone call for a solid eternity):

i'm off to denmark with me mum. my mother's one requisite for hotels is that they have internet access, but since only one hotel has been booked, i'm not so sure how accessible the internet is actually going to be.

given that and the matter of my little 163 day posting streak (a streak that seemed far more impressive before i realized it was only 163 days long), i've done a mighty madcap thing and dug into the archives so that in my absence you can experience (drumroll, please)... OitC: THE GREATEST HITS! subtitled: the last four years of our lives.

prepare yourselves. there's tears and eyeliner and ashlee simpson and curses galore. i may even pop in from denmark every now and again, who the hell knows. so check back often. scroll down all the way. if you're pining, go read the archives. stay tuned for norman mailer week at finding jackie. keep an eye on flickr. leave comments. be awesome. and eat cupcakes.




Linda said...

:blows kiss and waves handkerchief:

oline said...

huh. why does this make me feel like i'm boarding titanic?

Linda said...

in my mind's eye, it was a cross-atlantic ship that was in a marx brothers movie. not sure if that is any better..

oline said...

the marx brothers or imminent death with the promise of a leonardo dicaprio (circa 1998) fling... i think i have to take the later.

Acer Negundo said...


I wish I were joining you guys. SO BAD-like.

Eat herring. Drink Korkesblude. Cycle around in a pretty dress and high boots. Admire the windmills. Stand on a blue-flag beach. Buy an amber necklace.


oline said...

there are going to be windmills? i love windmills. clearly i have no idea where i'm going. but pretty dresses and high boots, check!

Clark MF Price said...

I like being name dropped in your post. It makes up for a lack of telephonic communication.

Clark MF Price said...

wait. Does name. drop. have a hyphen?
Oh Grammar, my eternal foe.

oline said...

i thought it might. namedropped?