15 December 2009

3 the holiday train

so every year when christmas rolls around, the CTA whips out the holiday train. presumably they think we have all been waiting all year to ride the holiday train because it's arrival is unfailingly heralded as a huge big deal. posters appear. articles are written. and an elaborate schedule is distributed in one of those city of chicago emails that always makes me wonder how the city of chicago got my email address.

the holiday train is coming!!!

it is at this moment that i most sympathize with ebenezer scrooge. because i do not know that i am a fan of the holiday train. though i should enthusiastically support anything that forces men fronting as santa to sit in the chicago winter open air, i simply cannot reconcile myself to a form of public transit that is a cross between a bing crosby christmas special and a game of candyland sprung to life.



Acer Negundo said...

Oh my goodness. It would be impossible to feel sad on that train. What a beautiful thing.

oline said...

it is a lovely thought. but i think it just exceeds my festivity threshold. or else i'm a total miser.

Acer Negundo said...

No, you're not a miser. In fairness to you, if I had to ride that colourful train every single day I'd eventually have an epileptic seizure.

I don't even have epilepsy, Oline.

We don't have trains in Regina let alone Holiday Trains. I think this is why I'm impressed.