04 November 2009

6 quickie

i do not cook. baking? yes. cooking? big no.

that's not entirely true. for select persons (read: boys) i'll trot out tidbits from my culinary repertoire, but i aspire to neither feasty greatness nor complete, nutritional meals. the way to my heart is cheerios and wine.

so it is with some bemusement that i have taken on a social obligation that entails a weekly potluck.

up to this point my contributions have, admittedly, been sub par. not to impugn the wonder of store-bought tater tots, but they have been the apex of my efforts. however, this week, temporarily intoxicated by foolish dreams of epicurean glory, i decided to make Real Food. thus, i put on an apron and the bob dylan and danced about the kitchen and produced my masterpiece... a quiche lorraine.

you wouldn't know that though. looking at it, your first thought would be: oh lovely, oline's harvested bleached brain matter and served it gelatinized over a scorched fossil.

tater tots sounding pretty good about now, no?


Meggie said...

Caro, you know me and cooking. I bake but not cook.

However, being married for over two years now has made me think that maybe I should learn. It has been interesting to say the least.

I will email you. :)

oline said...

well, i figure i've mastered the art of Breakfast. with pancakes, french toast and whatnot, what more does a girl need?

Meggie said...

Dinner. You need dinner, sweetie.

oline said...

isn't the boy supposed to lure me in with dinner and i reward him with pancakes?

Meggie said...

Would that make you a ho? He would be paying you in dinner but the whole pancakes thing throws of the scenario.

oline said...

i like to think of it as an exchange of power for pancakes.