25 November 2009

2 the mandate

the best dates i've ever been on have been with croftie.

in a meta-moment, we had a conversation about this the other night, during yet another crepe date. invigorated by a highly satisfying discourse on the perils of fictional dialogue, the insecurities of our mothers and the small pleasures of teenage female friendship, we turned our attention to the great tragedy that men so seldom have man dates save for sports and beer.

it was then that croftie leaned forward in the candlelight (we were the only ones left in the restaurant by then), her eyes a'sparkle from the glass of la paradou, and said her latest greatest pithy thing: it's lucky we're girls because i don't think a guy can say, "hey dude, let's get some crepes."


Lara Ehrlich said...

Oh, you make me sound so lovely and clever! You're a wonderful date, my bosom friend :-)

oline said...

because you are so lovely and clever.