12 November 2009

3 blurgh

last night, i fell asleep in the bath.

and while i would like to attribute that to something substantial, say old age perhaps, since i've never heard my grandparents express a proclivity for bath-induced narcolepsy, i'm going to instead interpret this as further evidence of my freakishness.

the only defense i'll attempt to mount is that it was an appropriately late hour after midnight and an aromatic candle had been lit.

but this isn't the story of how i fell asleep in the bath. oh no, this is the story of how i awoke. the story of how the vieve- in her indomitable bravery- attempted a water rescue that resulted in me, mired in a foot and a half of bubbles and with a gash in my thigh, clutching the scardest, wettest, most unhappy cat alive as we both screamed bloody murder.


Linda said...

was she trying to rescue? or push farther in?

Meggie said...

There are times I wish there were hidden cameras installed in your apt just to capture moments like that. LOL.

oline said...

and it's times like this i thank God i live alone.