05 October 2009

5 come down now, they'll say

fear is a tricky bitch. this we already knew.

i was in paris for a week and at some point i can't even really pin down that week became about discarding fears.

this led me to the top of every available tall building. up the arc de triomphe, up the 387 scaryass skinny stairs of the towers of notre dame (where mere chicken wire prevented a fateful plummet), to the second level of the eiffel tower and, most nightmarishly, the rooftop of the tour montparnasse.

and yet somehow none of that was as relevant as this moment:

when it was just me and a fucking shit ton of birds. and no fear.


Linda said...

Fearless and sexy!!

..wait, is that one that is FLYING just to your right?


oline said...

yes, yes it is. oh the cutness.

Linda said...

I finally got to check out your flickr paris set. you take some brilliant pictures! I really need a better word than "brilliant". because that's what they are.

Les Savy Ferd said...

tres chick!

Clark MF Price said...

French birds would just end up surrendering anyway.